Design & Technology: Resistant Materials

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Key Stage 3 – DT: Design & Technology


In Design & Technology we cover a range of projects that will equip learners with both new skills and knowledge by considering the design process. This involves producing product specifications, research methods, planning, making skills and evaluating products. 学生们 are trained in the use of both hand tools and machinery including modern day equipment such as the Laser Cutter. Projects include making a Tangram puzzle, mobile phone stand, model boat and a storage solution. The subject teaches important life skills as well as providing options for Key Stage 4 and further career choices. The subject also helps build and strengthen a student’s numeracy and literacy through all projects by linking closely to other curriculum areas.

Key Stage 4 – DT:  Design & Technology


The Key Stage 4 curriculum includes GCSE Design & Technology where students will create solutions to a wide range of initial briefs such as household devices, furniture, toys and lighting. Future careers could include design, engineering, construction, carpentry and many others related to these areas.

学科 考试委员会 教学大纲号 实用课程(NEA) 笔试
GCSE Design & Technology eduqas 603/1121/6 50% 50%



如果你想设计和制造新产品,你有兴趣 -
如果你有天赋和想象力 -
如果你喜欢有创意和创新 -
如果你喜欢使用自己的速写,素描,处理数据并学习新的计算机技能 -
如果你喜欢把事物和修复它们,当事情出错 -
如果您想了解更多有关我们生活和事物在它是如何工作的世界 -
如果您担心地球和保存它的未来 -

Then D&T Design & Technology could be for you.



D&T should encourage you to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. It will prepare you to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.



单元1周的课程(NEA) - 一个设计文件夹/组合,并取得产品50%的项目


单元2 –Technical aspects of D & T (a written paper set by the examination board) 50%

You will develop knowledge and understanding of sustainability, environmental concerns, cultural, moral and social issues. You will look at how design & technology has evolved, looking at products from the past to the present time. This unit also focuses on the knowledge, skills and understanding underpinning the design and manufacture of made products.



Study A level or BTEC in: Carpentry & joinery, construction, engineering and product design to name just a few.



If you want to find out more about these Design & Technology courses then you can talk to Mr Hicks 谁就能描述的过程的细节和劝你你需要什么下一步该怎么做,当谈到你的选择。